Gain A Digital Advantage

Get more Customers with our Find Buyers program. 


1. Guaranteed customer opportunities

What sets us apart from other agencies is that we back our work up with a Customer Opportunity guarantee. We typically offer 30 customer opportunities per month guaranteed for each campaign.

2. Automatically Updating Customer Database

Exclusive leads are placed into an Automatically Updating Customer Database that you have 24/7 access to.

3. Way more than demographic targeting

Super targeted audience created on behaviors, not on demographics/interests. We track millions of clicks to see which websites people visit before ultimately raising their hand to say they’re interested.

4. Speedy Lead Followup System

Lighten your load a bit with the Speedy Lead Followup System that is integrated into your campaign. All new leads are contacted within seconds of filling out your form with bots.

The Boring Tech – What’s Included In Your Campaign

1. Create the Ads

Don’t get caught up in the details. Let us run exactly what is working for other companies to get more customers, for you.

2. Create Landing Pages

Let us create the landing pages because we know what converts.

3. Custom audience based on behaviors

Audience is created based on behaviors and what people are visiting on the web. It is way more intelligent than demographic/interest targeting.

4. Speedy Lead Followup System

  • Follow Up Campaign – Text, Email, Ringless VoiceMail setup proven to increase lead response rate. Studies show that your chances of converting increase 100x if you followup within 5 minutes, versus 30 minutes.

5. Automatic Updating Customer Database

All leads go in to an automatic updating customer database. You can use this list to market to at any time in the future. It is accessible 24/7.  Build your list and grow your business.

6. Reporting and tracking against guaranteed benchmark

To help make your decision to hire us easier, we guarantee 30 customer opportunities each month. Not only that, but we are able to give benchmark numbers that we should be meeting, because we are currently running ads for other companies in other states.

Secret Sauce

Don’t get caught up in the details. Our custom audience technology is the secret sauce of the campaign. With advanced behavior tracking technology, layered with smart demographic targeting, we are able to predict who needs a service and advertise directly to those people.

Then, you have the CRM and the Automated Speedy Leads Instant Followup System that handles some of the workload for your team, and boosts conversion rate automatically.

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